How you can Lose Weight with Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Millions of people wake up every day wishing they could be 30 pounds lighter and 4 pant sizes smaller. While it would be nice if there was a magic pill that would allow you to quickly shed your excess weight off, in reality no such thing exists. Green coffee bean extract is a diet supplement that you can take along with diet and exercise to speed up the weight loss process and see better results faster. The powers of green coffee beans were discovered recently by scientists. They discovered that the little bean had the power to drastically improve people’s metabolisms and inhibit the production and creation of fat.

How it Works

Green coffee bean extract doesn’t use caffeine or any type of stimulant for that matter to achieve results. Instead it relies on chlorogenic acid which reduces the rate at which sugar in your body is converted into fat. This gives your body more time to process the glucose and burn it off as an energy resource instead of storing it on your body in the form of fat reserves. In addition to reducing the amount of fat that accumulates on the body chlorogenic acid also speeds up the body’s metabolism around the liver which allows more fat to be burned and more weight to be lost.

Many people obtain the majority of their energy from glucose which comes from carbohydrates which are found in food. The liver and other organs convert the glucose into either energy or into fat. If you aren’t active and don’t require a lot of energy during the day the liver will opt to convert the glucose into unwanted body fat. Chlorogenic acid works to reduce the liver’s tendency to convert excess glucose into stored fat and instead helps it to convert the glucose into energy which can be used in a productive manner.

Your body naturally burns glucose and uses it as a type of energy. If your blood glucose levels are not at least at 20 grams your body will burn excess for added energy. Excess glucose is converted into glycogen, a powerful compound that is stored in the muscles to give us strength. The liver can store up to 100 grams of glycogen while the muscles are able to store up to 400 grams of the compound. If there is too much glycogen already stored in your muscles then the liver will simply convert the excess glucose into stored body fat.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

There are numerous benefits related to taking green coffee bean extract, many of which aren’t directly related to losing weight.

  • Improved cardiovascular health – Clinical trials have shown chlorogenic acid to reduce the amount of plasma homocysteine in the blood. Having too much homocysteine in the blood leads to an increased risk of heart attack and other circulatory problems.
  • Better overall health – As a polyphenol chlorogenic acid is known to eliminate many different types of carcinogenic compounds in the body which could potentially cause cancer in later years.
  • Lower blood pressure – Chlorogenic acid, which is found in green coffee bean extract has been proven to lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels when taken as a supplement. No adverse effects were noted.
  • Normal blood sugar levels – People suffering from diabetes know how important maintain the proper blood sugar levels is. Chlorogenic acid has been proven to bring your blood pressure levels to a normal level and actively regulate them.

Green coffee bean extract helps you lose weight by inhibiting the conversion of glucose into stored fat. It also brings numerous other health benefits to your body as well.